Class OcsfmlGraphics.circle_shape

class circle_shape : ?position:float * float -> ?scale:float * float -> ?rotation:float -> ?origin:float * float -> ?texture:#const_texture -> ?texture_rect:IntRect.t -> ?fill_color:Color.t -> ?outline_color:Color.t -> ?outline_thickness:float -> ?point_count:int -> ?radius:float -> unit -> object .. end
Specialized shape representing a circle.

This class inherits all the functions of OcsfmlGraphics.transformable (position, rotation, scale, bounds, ...) as well as the functions of OcsfmlGraphics.shape (outline, color, texture, ...).

Usage example:

    let circle = new circle_shape
    ~position:(10, 20) () in
    window#draw circle 
Since the graphics card can't draw perfect circles, we have to fake them with multiple triangles connected to each other. The "points count" property of sf::CircleShape defines how many of these triangles to use, and therefore defines the quality of the circle.

The number of points can also be used for another purpose; with small numbers you can create any regular polygon shape: equilateral triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, ...

method destroy : unit
method get_radius : float
Get the radius of the circle.
Returns Radius of the circle.
method set_radius : float -> unit
Set the radius of the circle.
method set_point_count : int -> unit
Set the number of points of the circle.