Class OcsfmlWindow.context

class context : object .. end
Class holding a valid drawing context.

If you need to make OpenGL calls without having an active window (like in a thread), you can use an instance of this class to get a valid context.

Having a valid context is necessary for *every* OpenGL call.

Note that a context is only active in its current thread, if you create a new thread it will have no valid context by default.

To use a context instance, just construct it and let it live as long as you need a valid context. No explicit activation is needed, all it has to do is to exist. Its destructor will take care of deactivating and freeing all the attached resources.

Usage example:

    let thread_func () =
    let context = new context in
    (* from now on, you have a valid context *)
    (* you can make OpenGL calls *)
    GlClear.clear [`depth];

    (* Destruction is not automated *)

method destroy : unit
method set_active : bool -> bool
Activate or deactivate explicitely the context.
Returns True on success, false on failure